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Pony Easy Grip Crochet Hook Set 2-4mm


"Easy Grip - Easy Crochet"

Polka Dot Crochet hook set from Pony contains 5 crochet hooks in sizes ranging from 2 to 4 mm. Each size has its own colour assigned.

As the name suggests, these crochet hooks ensure you a solid and comfortable grip of the shaft, so that you have the best possible conditions to get started with crocheting, as well as avoiding pain or getting sore from crocheting for prolonged periods of time.

Materials: Aluminium and plastic

Sizes: 2.0 - 2.5 - 3.0 - 3.5(E/4) - 4.0(G/6)

Length: 14 cm (5.51 inches)

The colours are as follows:
2.0 mm - Pink
2.5 mm - Green
3.0 mm - Orange
3.5 mm - Pink
4.0 mm - Light blue