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Regia ABS Rubber Milk (for skid free socks!)



With REGIA ABS Latex, you can quickly and creatively make socks with skid-free soles.

The ammonia-free Latex milk in its practical applicator bottle is easy to use and will help you turn hand-knit socks into skid-free socks in only a few steps.

Apply REGIA ABS free-hand then just let the Latex milk dry thoroughly and your own unique anti-skid socks are ready for the whole family to wear.

This Latex milk comes in a 100 ml applicator bottle.


How to use REGIA ABS Latex milk

REGIA ABS Latex is ammonia-free, but it is still important to ensure good ventilation when using it. Shake the bottle well before use. To prevent the milk from oozing through to the upper side of each sock, cut two matching sole shapes from cardboard and slide them into the socks. With the Latex milk, paint the desired pattern on the sole of each sock, either free-hand or with the help of a template. Use the Latex milk sparingly. After painting, let the socks dry thoroughly. The drying can be speeded up with the help of a hair dryer.

After the first coat of Latex milk has dried, you can paint over the patterns once or twice more, if desired. After completing the final coat of Latex milk, let the socks dry thoroughly, preferably overnight. For the best wearing comfort, we recommend that the Latex milk doesn’t cover too large an area and that it not be too thick. A new coat can be painted over the existing coat, later.

People who have sensitive skin or a Latex allergy should not let the product come in contact with their skin. If contact is made, the entire skin area should be immediately washed, with soapy water. Store the Latex milk out of the reach of children.


Care instructions

The slipper socks can be washed as indicated on the yarn wrapper. To protect the soles, the socks should be turned wrong side out before washing. Do not dry the socks in the dryer. 


Safety precautions

When using the Latex milk, normal safety and hygiene precautions for working with a chemical product, such as glue, should be observed. For example, wash hands after use and do not eat or drink when using the product.
Latex milk cannot be entirely removed from textiles. For this reason we recommend that you cover the entire work surface with paper or film and make sure that clothing or home textiles do not come in unintended contact with the product. 
If the Latex milk gets into contact with the eyes, they should be rinsed with water for several minutes. After swallowing consult a doctor if symptoms persist.

Proper storage

Protect the Latex milk from frost and from direct sunlight. Do not store at a temperature below 44° F (7°C) or above 95° F (35 °C). We recommend storing the product at room temperature. For the storage and use of the product, do not use containers, mixing tools, etc. of aluminum, copper or copper alloys. A “best by” date is printed on the bottle. After use, close the bottle tightly. After opening, the Latex milk can still be used for a certain – but not unlimited – period of time. As is true for other liquids, the Latex milk dries out with time.