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Prym Love Press Fasteners 9mm - 6 colours


The non-sew press fasteners by Prym are perfect to get a neat, solid and professional-looking closure for handmade clothing, accessories and tools. Attach the press fasteners with the supplied tools and a hammer - instructions for use are included or can be found on the back of the packaging. In addition, many press fasteners are suitable to be used with press fastener pliers  or with the prym.ergonomics tripod. Washing, spinning, cleaning, ironing or pressing is all possible with Prym's rust-proof press fasteners. Available in various colours, designs and dimensions, for various applications and with light, medium or heavy closing force. Also available in refill packs.

These Prym Love Mini Colour Snaps press fasteners with their cheerful colours, light closing force and solid construction are ideal as a closure for baby clothes, (kids) clothing or homemade fashion and home accessories, such as mobile bags, wallets, toiletry bags or duvet covers. The fasteners are made of plastic, are certified according to the OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 label and are washable up to 60ᵒC. In order to attach them, press fastener pliers (vario pliers) are needed, in combination with the enclosed Prym Colour Snaps Mini tool set. This set in a handy, flower-shaped plastic box contains 72 Mini Colour Snaps press fasteners of 9 mm in diameter in 6 cheerful colours (green, red, white, pink, yellow and blue - 12 buttons per colour), a Mini Colour Snaps tool set and instructions for use.