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Knit Pro & Bergere De France Interchangeable Circular Needle Set

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Interchangeable circular needle set.

These anodized aluminium needles have it all: they are light, perfectly conical, soft to the touch and colorful. All you have to do is switch the tips or the cable to get the needle size and length you want!

Comes in a vinyl zipped case containing four cables, eight cable end caps and one set of connectors.

Needle tip sizes: 4/3.5mm, 6/4mm, 7/4.5mm, 8/5mm, 9/5.5mm, 10/6mm, 10.75/7mm, 11/8mm. Each size has a specific color. Cables and needle tips will give the following length needles: 24 inch/60cm, 32 inch/80cm, and 40 inch/100cm