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Candy Shop

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Candy Shop is a cousin to the bestselling Sweet Roll in the convenient cake-style-ball you love, but with an exciting twist. Each ball contains 3 colors, and the amount of each color will vary from ball to ball making each project you knit or crochet unique.

Each ply in Candy Shop is dyed separately before they are twisted together. The colors mix and match almost at random, creating ever-changing stripes of solid and marled color. Every ball is different which makes Candy Shop unique, but they come together to produce spectacular finished projects. 

Fibre: 100% acrylic

Size: 140 grams, 238 meters

Weight: Worsted, Aran, 10 Ply (technically 2 ply however has same weight as 10 ply)

Recommended Needles/Hook: Needles: 5 - 6 mm


Squishy Rating: 5 (Puppies)


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