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Chromatophores Hand Painted Safety Eyes Set (10 pair)

Chromatophores Hand Painted Safety Eyes Set (10 pair)

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10 Pair Set of New Chromatophore Safety Eyes Hand Painted in Colors inspired by wildlife that shifts skin and eye color in their natural environment. 

Eye Color Shifts with movement of the safety eyes.  Use in Amigurumi, Sewing, Crochet, Needle Felting, Knitting, Projects. Gorgeous Eyes in Teddy Bears, Dolls, Puppets, Plush Animals, Fantasy Characters and Monsters. 

Each Set is 10 Pair of Safety Eyes With Washers For Multiple Craft Projects.  1 Pair of Each Color: 

Hand Painted Chromatophore Colors:  Glacier Blue, Ocean Blue, Violet Nebula, Royal Iris, Pirates Gold, Green Apple, Orange Sorbet, Summer Lemonade, French Rose, and Mystic Amethyst.   

in different sizes so please make sure you carefully choose your size!   

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