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Furls Odyssey Crochet Hooks

Furls Odyssey Crochet Hooks, luxurious and Ergonomic.  

Artistry in your hook for the artist in you!!!

You have a joint in your hand that controls the tendons and ligaments that roll over your wrist and through your hand.  It’s called your metacarpalphalangeal joint.  

We’ll call it your MCP joint for short. Excessive repetitive motion causes wear and tear to your MCP and your Transverse Carpal Ligament (TCL), especially as you get older.

Smaller objects need more acute pressure to hold. Larger objects need less acute pressure and distribute that pressure more evenly.

The signature tear-drop body shape of each Furls hook fits perfectly into the human hand, providing maximum hand, and wrist relaxation in all crochet grips. Crocheters with carpal tunnel or arthritis are able to crochet longer with Furls hooks.

Each Furls hook is delicately crafted by an American craftsman to the most exacting design standards, yielding a precious crochet hook masterpiece. 

The Odyssey hooks are handcrafted using a combination of a pewter core and then plated with 14K gold creating a crocheting tip like no other - frictionless, light weight, and unhindered by tight stitches. With the Odyssey hooks you can expect a forward-driven crochet momentum for easier movement, electroplated tips for faster stitches, and signature teardrop body shape for hours of comfort and relief.