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Lola is a beautiful gradient yarn which is manufactured by hand. Made from an easy-care blend of 50% cotton and 50% acrylic yarn and machine washable at 40°. Superior fibres do not scratch and have a fine, silky shine.

Select your desired number of colours, specialty, and quantity. 

We offer three different windings:

Standard: All sections of color are wrapped mottled, not monochrome. For colors from the same color group, the transitions become more harmonious.

Cloth wrap: Designed specifically for triangular wraps. The color wrap is like the standard, however, the individual color sections are ascending in length. 

Monochrome: It is changed from the first color monochrome to the second color monochrome etc.

3ply 500m/100g-needle thickness 2.5mm
4ply 375m/100g-needle thickness 3-3.5mm
5ply 300m/100g-needle thickness 3.5mm
6ply 250m/100g-needle thickness 3.75-4mm
8ply 188m/100g-needle thickness 4.5-5mm

Made in Germany by Garnmanufaktur.


Fibre: 50% Cotton / 50% Acrylic

Size: Depending on ply 150g up to 1.25kg

Weight: 3ply - 8ply

Recommended Needles/Hook: Needles: depending on ply chosen

Squishy Rating: 4 - Feathers

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