Why Yarn Me Calm and the Calming Yarn?

Why Yarn Me Calm and the Calming Yarn?



Whilst our focus is on yarn and all that it encompasses, the underpinning principles of Yarn Me Calm are the therapeutic benefits of using yarn!  I have a background in Youth Work, Developmental Trauma and Family Therapy so wanted to combine my love of all things yarn with therapeutic intent. I am hoping that the Calming Yarn will represent these things.

The Calming Yarn will focus on yarn of course, patterns, stories and the therapeutic benefits of yarn regardless of whether your preference is crochet, knitting, weaving etc.

For the past 20 something years I have worked with and for the most amazing people.  Young people, children, families, staff, colleagues and volunteers.  Many of these amazing people have experienced horrendous childhood trauma and abuse, many of whom were still experiencing their trauma on a daily, hourly and at times constant basis.  I was extremely privileged to walk alongside them, hear their stories and work with them to find some form of healing.  Much of what I did was based on building a trusting, appropriate relationship and the ability to 'sit with' each individual person's story without judgement.   Often hearing and then holding their story would have an impact on me that I needed to address in order to keep providing care to others.  This is where yarn came in for me....  

I know that after having a stressful day, you know the sort I mean, when you feel you have nothing left to give to anyone?  I would come home and head straight to my yarn stash.  I may not necessarily start crocheting or knitting, sometimes it was just enough to go through the yarn, touch and admire it.  You know that feeling you get in touching yarn?  Feeling the fibre, how soft and squishy it is and then imagining everything (or nothing!) that you can do with it. This is always the first step for me with using yarn for calming.  


The gorgeous image of Yarni Girl is by Lori Rase Hall, 2008.

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I totally hear you – and agree – sometimes it’s not about producing anything – but touching the squishiness and realising that even in this big world that we live in, there is something so soft and cuddly waiting to be made into something that will make someone happy. :)


As a fellow therapist, specialising in AOD -I get it!! Unfortunately I’ve been unable for work for the last 18 months and am starring down the barrel of another 2-3 years before I can return to work due to an acute and chronic illness. But I remember those days all too well.
I’ve only recently picked up the hook again after it had laid still for about 5 years, it’s been the best thing I’ve done! It’s helped me cope with acute and chronic pain along with debilitating bouts of anxiety and depression as a result of my illness. I can spend weeks to months in a hospital and knitting and more recently mainly crocheting has saved my sanity. I’ve crocheted for almost 40 years, and thanks to YouTube I’ve learnt more in the last 5 months than I did in the previous 40 years!!
I’ve only recently come across your Instagram page, and I love the colours you use ! I can’t wait to see the rest of your Yarn journey unfold… from crochettherapyforme

Leah Bradley

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