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Why Yarn Me Calm?

Because Yarn is so much more than crochet, knitting and craft.

Yarn is friendship, community, sharing, giving, caring, loving, gifting, soothing, soft and squishy goodness!

Every Purchase goes into a monthly draw.......

Every purchase made during a month at Yarn Me Calm goes into draw to win a gift of yummy, squishy goodness!

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April 2021 you could win the following:

2 x  Stunning Wolltraum My Melodyy in colour way Neon Lights!

Each bobbel is 200g and 760 meters.

The winner will be chosen at random (each purchase constitutes one entry).

🧶 🧶 🧶

The winner will be chosen at random (each purchase constitutes one entry).

Please note that this offer is open to everyone who purchases from Yarn Me Calm however postage, customs and duty will be the responsibility of the winner if you are outside of Australia!

We send all of your goodies in Compostable and/or recycled packaging!

We believe that we have a responsibility to minimise our impact on the environment whenever and wherever possible. 

So here at Yarn Me Calm we have sourced a range of 100% compostable mailers to send you your scrumptious goodies!

Where we use cardboard and plastic in packaging your goodies, we have recycled it from packaging sent to us!!! 

Special Orders...

Is there something super yummy that we don't currently stock?

Do you want to place an order for some custom yarny goodies such as a Magnificent My Melodyy from Wolltraum or a Luscious Lola from Garnmanufaktur?

Are you wanting a larger number of squishy fabulosities than we can hold in our store room?

Then don't hesitate to contact us and we'll do everything we can to help solve your yarny dilemma!

Get in touch we are always happy to help!

New & Newly Arrived!!!

The Calming Yarn

Running Circles around my Auntie Blanket!

Running Circles around my Auntie Blanket!

Soooo one of my gorgeous nephews (we will call him Little L for now) recently asked me to make him a 'blankie'.

Apparently I was failing miserably as an auntie (my words not his!) because I made his big sister a blanket and I didn't make him one and she wouldn't let him have it.  He is such a super cute little munchkin and asked me so nicely what could I say?

Little L asked me to not only make him a blankie, he asked for rainbow colours.  And because I adore my nieces and nephews and lets' be honest, they run circles around me and have me wrapped around their little fingers, I of course went hunting for the 'right' blankie for him.

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Never Ending Blooms Scarf

Never Ending Blooms Scarf

I started making the first version of the Never Ending Blooms scarf in August 2020 after we received a shipment of the super scrumptious Cumulus Dappled from Juniper Moon Farms and knew that I needed to have a play with it! 

While trawling through Pinterest I saw a simple floral motif picture but unfortunately there was no link to a pattern or any more information.  I popped the picture into Google image search and still no joy.  I think I probably spent 3-4 hours trying to find the pattern for the motif with no luck!  

So I set about making my own version and while this one is mine, the original idea and pattern wasn't and I want to give a shout out to the person who did the original motif!

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Snowy Stars

Snowy Stars

I'm not exactly sure how and when the first idea of a snowflake came about but I think it was actually several years ago.  I think initially I was just going to make some snowflakes for Christmas Tree decorations.  As I often do, I started making with a vague concept in mind and the snowflake grew from there.  Once I had made one though, I thought they would be great not just as tree decorations but also as wall hangings and/or bunting.  

I know I keep referring to them as snowflakes but they are called Snowy Stars.  That's because the gorgeous Mr. YMC kept saying they look more like stars than snowflakes!  I think they are snowflakes, he thinks they are Snowy Stars they can be both or either!

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"kogo (Knit One Give One) is a not-for-profit organisation that asks volunteers to donate time and wool to knit warm winter woollies that kogo then distributes to people in need through over 300 community groups. We’re always looking for more hand knitted scarves, beanies, children’s toys or blankets”