Collection: Venne

In the early eighties the owner René van der Venne started a company for spinning and weaving supplies in the barn of his farm. 

Lessons were given in the crafts of both spinning and weaving. (René followed his weaving training at the Henry Story institute in Gent, Belgium.)

After a few years he started a wholesale company with a number of items, inter alia . The demand for yarn continued to grow, but many wholesalers closed their doors. Due to this development he started importing yarn particularly from Scandinavia. Shortly thereafter he developed his own line of natural yarn, under the name Venne yarns, which are getting more of a reputation both in and outside of Europe.

With the take over, in 1997, of the company Colcoton-Unikat Garn, yarns became the main product. The company name changed to Venne-Colcoton Unikat, especially to remain recognisable to all customers.