Squishy Ratings

The Squishy Rating System

1. Baby Bunnies


What is softer than a baby bunny?  Nothing that I can think of!  That gorgeous, plush, sumptuous, smooth fur that just glides through your fingers with no resistance and makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside!

 2. Baby Ducklings

A very close second, baby ducklings who are covered with down and have not developed their harder outer feathers yet.  Down doesn't have quills so it is so delicate and light. 

3. Fluffy Chickens

The real name for the fluffy chicken....Silky.  I had a Great Aunt with fluffy chickens when I was a small child.  I was, and still am, completely enamoured and fixated on them!

It's feathers are known to feel like a combination of silk and satin.  Their feathers are the same as down rather than a normal feather.  They are very docile and look like cloud puffs wandering around the yard.

4. Feathers

Naturally after baby ducklings and fluffy chickens comes feathers!  However feathers do have quills so they are slightly less soft than baby ducklings and fluffy chickens!  They are however light, soft and move across your skin like a kiss.

5. Puppies

You may ask how can a puppy come in at number 5 on the squishy rating scale? Well, the reason is that every gorgeous, soft, cuddly puppy I have ever known generally has finely pointed little needle teeth.  This is what stops them from being number 1 on the squishy rating scale.  However there is something that is so comforting, soothing and just right about puppies isn't there?

6. Kittens

Newborn kittens have the most amazingly silky fur and its almost as though every part of them is soft and squishy.  You can snuggle up to them and hold them close to your skin although there can be the risk of the occasional little bit of scratchiness!

 7. Rose Petals

Layers of velvety, delicate softness.  Rose petals feel amazing but also evoke thoughts of romance for many.  They are also stunning to look at, smell and enjoy but be wary of the random thorn.

8. Velvet

Plush and smooth fabric, often plain on the back, thick and soft on the front.  The plain side is never as soft as the front is but the front always feels luxurious, decadent and rich.

9. Fairy Floss

Fluffy, spun threads of sweetness in pretty colours, also known as sugar cotton wool, cotton candy and candy floss. Fine, wispy threads of happiness that sometimes needs to be handled with care!


10. Marshmallows

Lastly, but definitely not least is marshmallows.  Light, fluffy, coated in the thinnest and airiest bit of roughness but exquisitely soft and sweet on the inside.  The least soft on the squishy scale (I did indicate earlier that we aim for varying degrees of squishiness for all of our yarns!).  How does the humble marshmallow rate at the lower end of the scale - probably because from a tactile perspective the fine powdery film that is left behind on your fingers is not as silky smooth as the interior of the marshmallow.


So that's it, thats the Squishy Rating System from Yarn Me Calm.  Hopefully this helps when you want to choose a yarn and you want to gauge how soft, tactile and truly squishy it is!

Enjoy :)