I'm feeling flushed, please take my Temperature... Blanket!

I'm feeling flushed, please take my Temperature... Blanket!

I love the whole idea of Temperature Blankets and think that they are such an amazing way to create a keepsake filled with memories!  You don't have to just record the temperature over the period of a year like many people choose to do but you can also do things like record the temperatures while you are on holidays at one of your favourite places!  What a fabulous way to remind yourself of your holiday!

Some people are scared off by the commitment they think it takes to create a temperature blanket, thinking that they will be required to be diligent about knitting or crocheting every day.  But guess what, there is no need to worry about it!  You can do a search on temperatures for a certain period of time, a day, a month etc and do it retrospectively so there is no pressure!

So what is a Temperature Blanket then? 

A temperature blanket is a crocheted or knitted blanket that uses a mixed palette of  colours, stitches or textures to represent different temperatures over a period of time.  Many people choose to do this over a period of a year depicting the changing weather in their location!

If you want to look at retrospective temperatures or you have just started or may have missed some temperatures you can do a search and get the data you need.  I had a look at the temperatures the year I was born...1972!

Historical Weather Data

As previously mentioned you don't have to be restricted to this though, you can record the temperatures for a wedding year, birth year, or date that is special to you or the recipient of your blanket.

You could even use it to record daily moods or feelings!  The choice is up to you!

Where did the idea of Temperature Blankets come from?

The first Temperature blanket wasn’t a blanket at all! 

It was created by The Tempestry Project as series of panels created to be a visual conversation about climate change. 

The panels tracked temperature in 5-degree increments, documenting warmer temperatures with reds, oranges, and yellow and colder temperatures with greens and blues.


Lets talk Yarn Choice and Colours!

Remembering that this is completely up to you and will be based on your pattern, stitch, size and focus!


Temperature blanket chart from jennlikesyarn


I personally love the idea of mixed variegated and solid yarns to add a bit of something different to a temperature blanket.  For 2022 I created a Temperature Blanket kit using 6 balls of Premier Yarns Hipster Cotton and 12 balls of Fiddlesticks Wren.  Both are 100% cotton and DK/8 ply weight.  The benefit of these was that the Wren complimented the Hipster cotton perfectly!  Being a cotton it was a great option for right across Australia, especially during the warmer months!

Choose a range of colours for your project based on the range of temperatures annually.

For example, if you live in a place where the temperature ranges from 0 to 40 degrees throughout the year, you may want to plan your blanket in 5 degree increments.  But you might prefer a broader range and might use 2-3 degree increments!

I would recommend using a minimum of 5 colours so you can demonstrate the variation in temperatures!

One of the best ways to map this out and keep track of your colours is with a swatch card.  I use the Swatch Cards from Stationery Geek, they are a fantastic way to keep track! 



You can also download pdf images that you can colour in and add your yarn details to.  

How much yarn will you need?  For a knitted blanket done in rows you will need approximately 2000m and for a crocheted blanket done in rows it is more like 3000m. 

Designs and Stitches

The sky is the limit, or at least your creativity is!

There is no one stitch or design that is best, you can do straight forward rows, C2C, granny squares, hexagons, change stitches to depict different things such as thunderstorms or rain.  I love the idea of combining stitches, shapes and textures with different colours.  I think this provides so much opportunity for creativity!

Although there are times where, let's be totally honest, you don't want to make too many decisions on your own.  You want to hand over the reigns to someone else and have them make all the hard decisions for you!  Thats where all the following sensational patterns and ideas come in.  This saves you having to make any of the hard decisions (other than what yarn and colour to use of course - but you can always touch base with me here at Yarn Me Calm and I can help with that!).

So I have found some amazing options for you to explore to create your Temperature Blanket, or Scarf or Snake!  And keep an eye out, I plan to create a Mood Blanket based on the concept of Temperature Blankets, later this year!

The patterns! 

#1 The Mirage temperature blanket tracks the high and low temperatures in a 16" x 16" monthly block.  By Natasha aka Buttonnose Crochet an will be available in February 2023 on her blog.  http://buttonnosecrochet.blogspot.com/



#2 C2C Temperature Blanket by Esther Dijkstra aka Its all in a Nutshell Crochet.  Esther used 35 Colours in her C2C Temperature Blanket and it is lovely and bright and would look so different depending on the temps in your corner of the world!


#3 Temperature Timepiece Knitting Pattern designed by Andrea Shanti.  

The Temperature Timepiece is fabulous pattern for knitters! It is inspired by the temperature of the day over the course of the year. 

It can be a scarf, shawl, or blanket! This project is knit in the round so there are no ends to weave in.


#4 Temperature Chevron Blanket by Kristi Simpson.  I love the way the chevron's create a whole new look!

#5 Granny Square Temperature Blanket by bfancy!  I love the simplicity of the Granny Square and this Temperature Blanket with its colour changes are definitely next level!

#6 CraftieRie's Corner Temperature Blanket hits all the right notes for ease, aesthetic and creativity!  I can see this gorgeous blanket recreated in some scrumptious Fiddlesticks Superb 8!



#7 The Hazelnut Skeins Temperature Blanket is absolutely gorgeous (I am cringing at the ends but adore the completed look!).


#8 Clare Thornley aka Mamaclare created this phenomenal mitred Temperature Blanket that is an absolute work of art!


#9 The Primrose Temperature Blanket pattern by Sassy Sheep is super sweet and so much fun!


#10 Tunisian Crochet Temperature Blanket pattern by tl yarn crafts is a stunning way to create your temperature blanket and is designed using a basic and simple tunisian stitch.



#11 and lastly we have the super fun Temperature Snake by June Gilbank.  It was released as a CAL (crochet along) and is absolutely adorable!



Hopefully you are inspired to create one of your own Temperature creations!  I would love to see them so please share them on Yarn Me Calm Community or on tag #yarnmecalm on Instagram!

Take care and enjoy.

Andrea xxx

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