Collection: Knit Collage

Knit Collage yarns are vibrant handspun creations that reflect their happy approach to the world. Bits of ribbons, sequins, or flower appliqués  are spun together with brightly colored wool, mohair and glittering Angelina fibers.

Their wool fibers are from Australia, where we choose the best quality available from non-museled sheep. The mohair comes all the way from South Africa, where there is a rich history of gorgeous mohair fibers. In some of our yarns, we also use a teeny amount of sparkly fibers called Angelina, that are made from polyester. These fibers come in a large range of iridescent and glittery colors form the USA.

The spinning process is enormously time intensive. To spin one skein of their yarn, it takes the spinner around 2 or more hours. On top of the spinning, all of the fibers you see in the yarns are also hand dyed and hand carded. Some colorways have over 10 different fiber colors carded together to achieve the final result. This creates a beautiful melange look that is impossible to duplicate on machine.  Even though the raw materials are the same, no two skeins are completely alike because of the intense handmade process that goes into each and every skein.