Looking back over the year that was...

Looking back over the year that was...

I don't know about you, but 2022 was a busy one for us here at YMC!

We had the wonderful Bek leave us after Mr YMC and I announced that we would be packing up our home of 20 something years and moving to Portarlington.  This also meant packing up YMC and finding a new home for the yarny goodies that wasn't actually in our home anymore!

We moved permanently to Portarlington in July and set up the warehouse at Rajah Court.  I couldn't have done this without the amazingly multi-talented Mr YMC, driving the truck, lifting, building, you name it!  He is an absolute marvel!

Then we were joined by the sensational Kylie for a while before she made the decision to focus on family!

We have been super lucky to have such phenomenal humans as part of the journey and I thank them for being so amazing and being part of our lives.

After our move we finally put our home in East Keilor up for sale and the last part of the story there will be finalised in early February.

We managed to get away a few times this year which was extremely welcome after the past few years here in Victoria!  We visited Queensland, Norfolk Island, Kangaroo Island, New Zealand and the Clare Valley!!!

As I write this blog we have one of our nieces and two nephews staying here with us in Portarlington and enjoying the summer school holidays!!!  I might need another holiday once they go home!!!  Only kidding, I love having them here and absolutely adore them all!

As we move into the New Year I am looking forward to having a space at Rajah Court where people can come in and sit, stitch and chat!  I hope to see many of you there!

Until then I thought I would share my completed makes from 2022.  I often have people remark on how much I make and I thought this would be a sensational way to look back and reflect!!!



2nd January 2022, Completed Home Dish/Hand Towel by @ladyjay crochet in Fiddlesticks Finch.


26th January, Helmut the Seagull by Julia Vladimirova @alpaca.craft in Fiddlesticks Wren.


21st February, Sophie's Dream by Dedri Uys @babertondaisy using Lion Brand Yarn in Mandala Tweed Stripes.



28th February. Sunflower for Ukraine by me.


12th March, Laura Wheeler design number 915 Vintage Apron in Stenli Hard Candy. 


9th April, Monster Baby Bib by @repeatcrafterme and Aliens from space by Maritsa Craft in Fiddlesticks Finch.



13th April, Bunny Brunch by @melharrisondesign in Laines du Nord Soft Lino.



16th April, Easter Egg Trivet from @mooglyblog in Fiddlesticks Finch, Wren and Lion Brand Coboo.



16th April, Lily by Elena Bojkova @lenamasterica in Fiddlesticks Wren.



Gracie's Stitch 'n' Scissor Keeper by me in Premier Yarn Hipster.



19th May, Myriad Infinity Cowl by me in Country Wide yarns Shangri La and Fiddlesticks Peppin 14.



29th May, Eternal Bloom Shawl by @melharrisondesign.



22nd June, Marlene D Cloche by crochetmama/Madame Picot and Beret by me in Ciao by Jody Long.




12th July, Fractal Bloom hexagons by @melharrisondesign - made into a clutch by me!  Using a combination of Ella Rae Marmel and Fiddlesticks Finch.



27th July, Fariza by Elena Bojkova @lenamasterica in Fiddlesticks Wren and Stenli Candy.



30th July, Spoke 'n' Stitches and Spoke 'n' Petals Coasters by me in Fiddlesticks Wren.



31st July, mini hanging pot by Hands of Zeal in Fiddlesticks Wren.



31st August, Granny for Nanny by me.



14th September, Journey by @buttonnose_crochet in Premier Yarns Momenti.



20th September, granny square bunting by me in Fiddlesticks Superb 8.



3rd October, Elizabethan Rose by @melharrisondesign in Mclana 3822.



28th October, Roses by Knitting and Crochet World in Ella Rae Denim DK and Fiddlesticks Wren.



30th October, Pumpkins by Make Do and Crew in Fiddlesticks Superb 8.




31st October, Kylie You're A Star Handtowel and the Starring You Make up removers by me.



4th November, Hooked on Grannies by Hooked on Sunshine in Stenli Cotton Cake.



29th November, Vintage Dreams Sweater by.Daisy.Dots in Fiddlesticks Wren.



30th November, Spring Gnome by Willow Yarns in Fiddlesticks Wren.



20th December, Flat Christmas Trees by @desertblossomcrafts in Fiddlesticks Superb 8.



23rd December, Tuscan Wrap by Moogly in Queensland Collection Brighton Beach.


Hopefully some of these finished makes inspire you to create too (I didn't share the many WIPs!!!).

Take care and enjoy.

Andrea xxx


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