Mindfully floral....

Mindfully floral....

Just recently I was getting ready to head down to the beach and was putting together the essentials...

  • Yarn
  • Hooks
  • Yarn Bowl
  • Scissors etc.

You know the drill, I rarely go anywhere without the absolute necessities!!!

I had a couple of WIP's to take including my Mandala Madness (Crystals & Crochet) and my Changing Tides (Coastal Crochet) CAL's.  I am working on both of them currently and am enjoying swapping between the different yarns and textures. 

Sometimes though I just want to do a quick little project and see something completed, it helps me maintain a healthy Crojo!!! So I packed a ball of Katia Bombay in Candy Multi with no clear idea of what I was going to do with it!

I was sitting there staring at the ball of Bombay in its shiny new home (my Furls yarn bowl is super pretty and was a birthday present to myself!), the sun was shining through the window and I was thinking how pretty it would look as some lovely simple flowers. 



So this little pattern was born!  The rounds are really easy and I settled in to make a few of them (I was thinking they would make the most gorgeous bunting or additions to plain calico bags).  The repeats are lovely and simple and the counting was very relaxing and mindful.  


Pattern is in UK terms.

I used a 4mm hook with the Katia Bombay yarn (click here for a link to the yarn) which is a lovely mercerised cotton. 



Round One

  • Chain 6 and join with a slip stitch 


Round Two

  • Chain 3 (counts as first treble) 19 trebles into the ring
  • Join with a slip stitch to the top of the beginning chain 3 


Round Three

  • Chain 3 (counts as first treble), 1 Treble into the next stitch chain 2
  • 1 Treble into the next two stitches, chain 2, repeat to the end of the round and join to the first chain 3 with a slip stitch 


Round Four

  • Slip Stitch across the next two stitches to get to the chain 2 space
  • Chain 3 (counts as first treble), 1 Treble, chain 1, 1 treble 2
  • Skip the next 2 treble, in the chain 1 space 2 treble, chain 1, 2 treble, repeat until the end of the round, join to the first chain 3 with a slip stitch.  


Round Five

  • Double crochet into the same stitch as the slip stitch from the previous round, skip 2 treble, 7 treble crochet into the chain 1 space
  • Double crochet, skip 2 treble, double crochet, skip 2 treble, 7 treble crochet into the chain 1 space, Repeat.  Join with a slip stitch to the beginning double crochet
  • Fasten off and weave in ends.




Please note the pattern hasn't been tested so if you find any bugs please let me know!

I hope you enjoy making them as much as I did,


Andrea xxx

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