Textures Squared

Textures Squared

Over the past couple of years I have been collecting (my other hobby!) and making some gorgeous textured squares.  Some are vintage patterns, some are contemporary patterns, but the one thing they all have in common is the gorgeous textured elements they have.  

I plan to join them all when I feel I have enough for a small, or large, blanket depending on how many I make!  I have been sharing the journey on social media but haven't collated them in any one space....until now!

They lovely Tracey Verbakel recently asked for some details on some of the squares and I though that this was the perfect opportunity to pop all of them into the one space to be easily located!  I will update the blog whenever I add a new square to the collection so they can be easily found here.

As to the yarn I used, I have used different 100% Wool for my squares in shades of cream and grey.  I have used both 8 and 10 ply but I would recommend sticking to the same ply unless you are like me and feel comfortable joining different weight yarns together (it takes a little bit of finessing to get them to join evenly including increasing and decreasing your joining stitches).

Occasionally I will look for Vintage patterns and pictures and pop them up in Yarn Me Calm Community on Facebook on ‘Flashback Friday’.  The first square that I made was one of those.  This beautiful vintage crocheted block makes up the Puritan bedspread by Cecilia Vanek.  It was first published in Star Book No. 11, Bedspreads and Tablecloths by The American Thread Company in 1940.

It was called the Puritan bedspread because it was designed using The American Thread Company’s ‘Puritan’ Mercerised Crochet Cotton.

The pattern is available at Free Vintage Crochet.




After finishing my Puritan Bedspread block I started to look around for other gorgeous textured squares that would compliment my first beautiful square!  The amazing Mel Harrison released her pattern ‘Buds of Mae’ and it has both bobbles and popcorns (my favourite stitches) and was a perfect addition.

The pattern is available at Mel's page on Ravelry.



I realised when I was writing this blog that my next completed square, the Origami Flower by ChiChi Allen wasn't shared on social media!  I totally missed this one so had to take a quick photo to share the finished square!  Whilst it doesn't have the same degree of texture as my previous two squares, it has beautiful lacy elements that look beautiful next to the others so was a perfect inclusion.

The pattern is available here on Ravelry.



My next square is the Casablanca Square by Maria Bittner.  It is made using the Overlay Crochet technique in the central part of the square provided lots of gorgeous texture before the centre circle motif is squared off.  I love the look and feel of this square and how it adds dimension to the collection.
The free pattern is available here on Pattern Paradise.


My first four completed squares, I love how they are so different yet perfect together!

Another fabulous textured square pattern that was added to the collection was Crochet Square 6 the 'Gladstone Square' by Lee Sartori.
The free pattern is available here on Coco Crochet Lee's Page.

This particular square is ‘In Treble Squared Afghan Square’ by Julie Yeager, I love the construction of this square and how the flowers just 'pop'.  
The pattern has recently been updated and now includes a chart.
The free pattern is available here on Ravelry.

The Magnolia Afghan Square by Kirsten Holloway Designs was the next square I added to the collection.  It has so many beautiful textured stitches that made it  perfect!

The free pattern is available here on Kirsten Holloways page.

This yummy square is called The Crochet Textured Square by My Picot. It’s smaller than my other squares (they are all different sizes) but that just means creative placement and joining 😜
The free pattern is available here on the My Picot page.

Another group shot of my completed squares, you can see how well they all work together.  Despite the major differences in each square's design, using the same colour palette and all the gorgeous textures pull them together.

The next square was Crown Jewels by Melinda Miller Designs.  I love the textured floral motif in the centre of this square.

The free pattern is available here on Ravelry.

The Baroque Triumph Floral Square by Raffamusa Designs is an absolute stunner.  Its hard to believe that this gorgeous motif can be squared off so effectively.

The free pattern can be found here on Raffamusa Designs page.


I have a selection of square patterns that I have purchased but not made up yet to add to the collection.  

They are:


If you know of others that might be a good addition please let me know, I would love to add to the collection!



Hopefully you are inspired to create something using one of these beautiful designs.  If you do  I would love to see them so please share them on Yarn Me Calm Community or on tag #yarnmecalm on Instagram!

Please remember to always credit the fabulous designer behind these designs, there is countless hours of work in each and every design that deserves to be acknowledged.

Take care and enjoy.

Andrea xxx



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I haven’t decided on the join yet! I think I will work that out once I finish the collection :)

Andrea Clements

How do you plan to join them? I have done the square for a quilt but the way I join has a ridge! Thank you

May White

they are all lovely, I particularly love the In Treble and the Casablanca

Ann-Maree Hatch

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