My Calming Yarn journey, the story so far......

My Calming Yarn journey, the story so far......

Picture: Yarn Bombed cobbles in Dumfries, UK.  

Allegedly done by the "Bollard and Chicane Protection Authority".


On the 11th of August, 2019 Yarn Me Calm

officially turns one year old!


We registered the business name, did all the preliminary work, set up the site etc. prior to this date, however we officially launched the website on the 11th so that is the day I am claiming as our birthday!

I have been extremely fortunate to have the amazing, wonderful support of my husband whilst being on this journey.  He not only supports me in everything I do but he is also a big part of the 'brains trust' behind YMC, the finances remain in his extremely capable hands (thank goodness!).


It has been a phenomenal year and birthdays are such a wonderful time to reflect...


We have collaborated with some phenomenally talented people in our yarniverse.  The lovely Cara from Cara's Creations Melbourne joined with Yarn Me Calm to create some gorgeous kits with her adorable patterns.



The amazing Ali Allen from Tasmania has been creating some stunning patterns that will be teamed with Yarn from YMC in the near future.



There are more exciting collaborations in the pipeline for the next twelve months so watch this space!!!


I designed several patterns that are all free on The Calming Yarn Blog, (sooo much fun!) and some of the designs still need writing up and testing (I'll get there I promise!).

The pattern for our first tactile/sensory toy 'Eyema Hugga' was released in April.  She will be joined very soon by our newest family member "Bob L Hugga'.

Eyema Hugga



Bob L Hugga



Here's a few numbers.....

Since our 'go live' date we have given away purchase prizes to random winner every month that included:

35 balls of yarn from various manufacturers,
3 Scheepjes Colour Packs,
4 Scheepjes Whirls & 2 Whirlettes,
& 2 Garnmanufaktur Bobbel Boxxes.

    We have posted 248 times on Instagram and I don't know how many times in Yarn Me Calm Community on Facebook!

    We have given away monthly prizes in our Yarn Me Calm Community on Facebook including more Bobbel Boxxes, more balls of yarn and more Whirls!

    I have written 19 Blogs (although some are still unpublished LOL)!

    We changed our plastic packaging to 100% compostable mailers to minimise our carbon footprint.

    We have ordered yarn and yarny goodies from approximately 15 countries!  So much squaliciousness  - sometimes I find it difficult to let them leave.....




    Luella the Llama 

    Luella the Llama travelled to Europe with us at the end of 2018 and returned to Melbourne in early 2019.  She was seen at multiple locations across our travels and was becoming quite exceptional at photobombing!!!

    While Luella was gallivanting around the globe we were very lucky to have my mum, aunt and sister back at home making sure orders got out to everyone over the Christmas/New Year period.  We would have been lost without them!




    The important things.....

    Probably the most important thing of all in my Calming Yarn journey (aside from my husband of course) is you!  

    Each and every person that has supported, chatted, joined, read, tested, crocheted, knitted, laughed, cared and/or purchased with or for us over the past year.  

    You are all such amazing humans, I am so grateful to have met you all and to have you in our lives, whether you are family, friends, community members and or customers. Whether it is in person, via social media, email or phone.

    When I started this journey I was always clear that it needed to be more than retail (that is in no way an aspersion on retail) but I needed it to be more.  Yarn Me Calm always needed to be about people first and retail second so I could stay true to what I believe in and I think we have been able to achieve that so far.

    I know you have all contributed to us being able to do that, so thank you to everyone who has been part of the journey so far and I look forward to continuing in our wonderful yarniverse together!



    Andrea xxx

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    Hi Jayne,

    unfortunately not yet! We are hoping to have a place for people to come and sit, chat, eat, drink and do all things yarny in the near future x


    Love your pages and yarn. Do you have a real walk-in and talk to you store? x


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