Triangle Motif Pattern


I little while ago I wrote the Mindfully Floral pattern up for my  little floral motifs. I put those together with some triangle motifs to create a cute little bunting!  I did mention that I would get around to writing up the pattern and would pop it up but time got away from me!

I realised looking back through my pictures that I still hadn't done this so quickly sat down and put the pattern together!

The motifs are very sweet to use on their own to sew or crochet  together to make a blanket or you could use them to make bunting with or without the floral motifs!



The yarn I have used for the triangle motifs is Scheepjes Catona Old Lace 130.

The yarn I have used for the floral motifs is Katia Bombay Candy Multi.

I used a 3.5mm Clover Amour Hook.

I use UK terms throughout


I worked this pattern in rounds and joined with a slip stitch at the end of each round to the top stitch of the beginning chains.  


1) Chain 4 and join with a slip stitch

2) Chain 3, 2 treble, 2 chain, 3 treble, 2 chain, 3 treble, 2 chain join with slip stitch (3 clusters of 3 stitches and 3 x 2 chain spaces)

3) Chain 3, 1 front post treble, 1 treble, in chain 2 space work in the corner (3 treble, 2 chain, 3 treble) then 1 treble, 1 back post treble, 1 treble.  Repeat this once and the work last corner 3 treble, 2 chain, 3 treble and join with slip stitch (27 stitches plus 3 x 2 chain spaces)

4) Chain 3, 1 front post treble, 1 treble in next 4 stitches, work corner (2 treble, 1 double treble, 2 chain, 1 double treble, 2 treble), 1 treble in next 4 stitches, repeat twice with the second repeat ending with 1 treble in 3 stitches and join with slip stitch (45 stitches plus 3 x 2ch spaces)




To create the bunting:

  • chain approximately 30 (more if you need a longer end)
  • double crochet across the top of three petals of a Mindfully Floral flower motif
  • chain 15
  • double crochet across one side of a Triangle motif
  • chain 15
  • I repeated this across both motifs until all had been joined 
  • finish with chain 30 (more if you need a longer end) and fasten off!


You are welcome to share the pattern, however please acknowledge that the design belongs to Yarn Me Calm.  

Please respect my rights as a designer, thank you!


If you have questions about this pattern, please contact me at


I hope you enjoy the pattern!

Andrea x