YMC Community Calming Corona Crochet & Knit Along Part Two!

YMC Community Calming Corona Crochet & Knit Along Part Two!

It's time for the next instalment of our Yarn Me Calm Community's Calming Corona Crochet and Knit Along!

We had 8 different sensational community members choosing these stitches, both for knitters and crocheters.  I have some total faves in this lot including Lemon Peel Stitch which is so easy but so great for washcloths etc.
I hope you enjoy Part Two which ran for four weeks in 2020.
A quick refresher on how our CKAL worked...
  • Every week I drew two of our CCCK contributors names to choose a stitch for us all to play with randomly.
  • It was one crochet stitch and one knitted stitch for the week (and possibly a Tunisian stitch too)
  • No one was expected to create the stitches but they needed to identify where and who it came from to ensure you credit the designer etc. appropriately.
  • ensure that the directions are lovely and clear for everyone to follow. Upload videos etc of the stitch if that makes it easier!
  • choose to do either a crochet or knitted stitch for the week or both!
  • we created squares with our stitches that measured 15cm x 15cm.
  • Use any yarn weight you like! 
  • We didn't include paid stitches, this is so our CCCK is accessible for everyone regardless of their circumstances.
  • The joining stitches were part of our CCCK
  • Everyone was free to invite others to the group to join in!
  • Stay kind, have fun and hopefully learn something new!

I used a yummy Bobbel Boxx from Garnmanufaktur for my CCCKAL and made just the crochet version.  It is a lovely throw rug size using all 16 squares.  You could make 2 of each square or add a plain square between the textured ones to increase the size of your finished blanket.




Week 5 crochet stitch chosen by Madeline. I loved doing this stitch, it was a little bit fiddly but the effect was amazing!
Stardust Gold Crochet has a brilliant written pattern and here is the link to the video tutorial as well!



Trish asked if I could choose the stitch for week five and I chose Bamboo stitch!  Studio Knit has an amazing written pattern and video tutorial.




This week our Knitting stitch chosen by Jeanette. 
Pattern is Textured Eyelets from So Woolly.
Our Crochet Stitch was chosen by Sara, she chose the gorgeous Cabbage Patch Stitch by the Unravelled Mitten.




Shelley chose the Overlapping waves stitch for Week 7's knitted Stitch.  The video tutorial is by Knitting Stitch Patterns.

Kayla chose our crochet stitch for week 7 and chose Broomstick Lace.

Here is a great tutorial from the American Crochet Association and a fantastic written tutorial by Yarnspirations.


Week 8's crochet stitch chosen by the amazing Janice. I loved doing this stitch, it has become an absolute favourite for washcloths!
The video tutorial is by Hopeful Honey and is super easy and there is a written version from The Spruce Crafts.



Sharon chose the Knitted Chevron Stitch and it looks amazing!  The Video tutorial is by B. Hooked Crochet and Knitting.

Here is a quick written pattern from Knitting for Dummies!!!

Create a knitted chevron pattern:

  1. Cast on a multiple of 12 sts, plus 3 sts (includes 1 extra st on each side for a selvedge stitch).

  2. Follow this stitch pattern:

    Row 1 (RS): K1, k2tog, * k4, dbl inc, k4, dbl dec; rep from * to last 3 sts, ssk, k1.

    Row 2: Purl.

  3. Repeat Rows 1 and 2 to create the pattern.


I hope you enjoy the second part of our Yarn Me Calm Community Calming Corona Crochet and Knit Along  I look forward to sharing the rest of the project with you over the coming months.

You are welcome to share the pattern and stitches, however please acknowledge that the overall design belongs to Yarn Me Calm Community!

If you have questions, please contact me at andrea@yarnmecalm.com.au


Andrea x

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