'You Inspire Me' Candy, Candy Solid and Cotton Cakes by Stenli Yarn.

'You Inspire Me' Candy, Candy Solid and Cotton Cakes by Stenli Yarn.

This is our second instalment of ‘You Inspire Me’.  Our first was focussed on McLana from Garnmanufaktur in Germany and some of the stunning makes from our fabulous Yarn Me Calm Community members on Facebook.

‘You Inspire Me’ came about because I am often asked lots of questions about our yarns and in particular what are some of the best patterns to use for them!  As many of you know, I don’t mind chatting about yarn at all but thought that some pictures of gorgeous ideas might be helpful!

Some of our amazing Yarn Me Calm Community members contributed pics of their makes for our first instalment and were happy to do the same for the second!

I put out a call on the Facebook group and some of our fabulous Community Members have generously shared their pictures for this instalment of 'You Inspire Me' blog featuring Candy and Cotton Cake yarn from the amazing humans at Stenli Yarns in Bulgaria! 

I hope you enjoy seeing their amazing work and these beautiful creations inspire you as much as they inspire me!



Candy and Solid Candy:

Immerse yourself in the pure pleasure of working with fine, delicate cotton in a variety of colours.  

Sweet joy from the airy softness of natural cotton and the playfulness of bright sugar colours that merge smoothly into one another in STENLI CANDY cotton yarn - this is the perfect choice for knitting or crochet.

Don't forget to check out Stenli Solid Candy for some coordinating solid colours to compliment and extend your project!

Fibre: 100% Cotton

Size: 280 grams, 900 meters

Weight: Fingering, 3-4 ply

Recommended Needles/Hook: 3-4 mm

Squishy Rating: 4 - Feathers



This beauty is by Sheryl.  She created the beautiful Lalila blanket by Basia Hordynksa using Stenli Candy 776.  I love the colour transitions and this colour was a perfect choice for this gorgeous blanket!

Lalila Blanket




The wonderful Kay created this stunning Flower Ripple Blanket by Shelley Cottom using Stenli Candy 787.   The pink gradient really shows off the beautiful flower in the middle of this pattern!

Flower Ripple Blanket



The phenomenal Wendy created her Nouveau Bloom by Mel Harrison in Candy 788.  I adore this colour way it feels vintage and contemporary all at once!

Nouveau Bloom 



The amazingly talented Natasha not only made this beautiful blanket ‘The Journey’, she also designed it!  This is a phenomenal pattern that is currently being released as a CAL.  Natasha has used Stenli Candy 797 and Solid Candy in Dusky Rose.

The Journey


Helen is a huge fan of Hooked on Sunshine patterns and lets be honest you can see why!  Her beautiful Briar Rose in Stenli Candy 845 is an absolute stunner!



Here is another beautiful Briar Rose by Helen using a Stenli Candy colour way that is now discontinued.

Briar Rose.



Lindy created this beautiful ‘Six Wishes for a Dragonfly’ Blanket by Sue Stapleton of Auburncraft Crochet in Stenli Candy 858 and Stenli Solid Candy in Dark Grey. It is such a gorgeous pattern that really shines in these beautiful colours.

Six Wishes for a Dragonfly.


The sensational Simone (aka tester and maker extraordinaire) created this beautiful Unity CAL (hosted by Australian Crochet Community and designed by some phenomenally talented designers) using Stenli Candy 839.

Unity CAL



Simone also created this SIslove Shawl by SisHomemade using Stenli Candy 845.

Sislove Shawl.


Le-Anne created this divine double bed blanket using Alpine stitch and putting it together in her own design.  It is absolutely gorgeous and so eye catching!  Le-Anne used Stenli Candy 876.



The marvellous Mel of Mel Harrison Designs designed and made this phenomenal Nouveau Bloom.  It is such a gorgeous design and would make an amazing heirloom piece.

Nouveau Bloom



This is one of my makes, using candy 837.  The pattern is the Lumia Shawl by Aimee Cunningham and was such a great pattern!

Luria Shawl



This is another of my makes and it was designed by the marvellous Mel Harrison and is called Maeve’s Garden.  I used Stenli Candy 797 for this beauty, however I do have a small confession, I made a mistake reading the pattern and the final rounds deviate from the pattern, thank goodness Mel is sensational and forgave me!

Maeve’s Garden



This bag is one of my designs and is called the Sea Circles Bag.  I used Stenli Candy 876.

Sea Circles Bag



The gorgeous Ali created the Candy Coast Bag using Stenli Candy 876.  It is a strong, versatile and super beautiful bag!

Candy Coast Bag



This stunning pattern is the Celtic Pyramids by K.A.M.E. Crochet.  I loved this pattern and had a ball making it but my fave part is definitely the border!  I used Stenli Candy 874 and Stenli Candy Solid in Salmon.



I made this gorgeous vintage apron for my sister in law.  She posted a beautiful reflection on the role that aprons have played in our history.  I used Stenli Candy Solid in White and the pattern is by an unknown author called Laura Wheeler Design 915 with some alteration.





Cotton Cake and Cotton Cake Solid.

Cotton cake is a yarn for the pleasure of the senses.

A 250g cake made from classic soft cotton contains 1000m smoothly flowing beautiful colours with perfect density and flexibility of the thread.

Ideal yarn for crochet women's and children's clothes, knitting for pleasure, relaxation, colour psychotherapy. From one cake you can knit a large triangular scarf (virus scarf), mini dress, lace blouse, tunic, table cloth or bed.

Subject to the recommendations of knitting and maintenance, the products become light, soft and permanently retain the structure of the knitting. The beauty of matter stands out especially after ironing, which locks the stitches and emphasizes the cut.

Fibre: 100% Cotton

Size: 250 grams, 1000 meters

Weight: Fingering, 4 ply

Recommended Needles/Hook: 3-4 mm 

Squishy Rating: 4 - Feathers




Simone made this beauty in Stenli Cotton Cake number 416.  It is Butterfly Stone by Flo’sCrafty Crochet.


And this one in Stenli Cotton Cake number 301.
Butterfly Stone
Simone created this gorgeous Maeve’s Garden by Mel Harrison Designs (without my error!) in Stenli Cotton Cake 420.
Maeve’s Garden.
Katrina created this stunner using a Willow square centre and then adding her own stitch selection from there!  She had used a combination of Stenli Cotton Cakes 305, 405 and 450.



This is one of my WIPs (works in progress!), it is Hooked on Sunshines Hooked on Grannies!  I have been using several Stenli Cotton Cakes: 443 and 415.

Hooked on Grannies



And lastly this is my Peacock Dslight CAL by Crochet Hooks and Magic.  It was my first real play with Mosaic Crochet and it was fantastic!  I used Stenli Cotton Cake 431 and Scheepjes Organicon.

Peacock Delight CAL


I hope you enjoyed seeing some of these gorgeous creations using there fabulous yarns and you have been inspired to create your own!


Take care!

Andrea xx



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