'You Inspire Me' Superb 8 and Superb 88 by Fiddlesticks.

'You Inspire Me' Superb 8 and Superb 88 by Fiddlesticks.

This is our third instalment of ‘You Inspire Me’.  I really love seeing all the amazing makes from our fabulous Yarn Me Calm Community members on Facebook and sharing them to inspire others!

Our 'You Inspire Me' was focussed on makes with McLana from Garnmanufaktur and our second was Cotton Cakes and Candy from Stenli Yarn.

Our third 'You Inspire Me' is showcasing beautiful makes with Superb 8 and Superb 88 from Fiddlesticks (with the occasional Superb Tweed and Superb 4 thrown in!).  These yarns are super soft, anti pilling acrylic and are fabulously versatile, as you'll see in the pictures below creating blankets, clothing and amigurumi!  Superb 8 has a fabulous colour range and, at the time of writing this blog, is about to extend the range significantly in the near future!  I love using this yarn as it is divinely soft but also holds stitch definition beautifully.

‘You Inspire Me’ came about because I am often asked lots of questions about our yarns and in particular what are some of the best patterns to use for them!  As many of you know, I don’t mind chatting about yarn at all but thought that some pictures of gorgeous ideas might be helpful!

Some of our amazing Yarn Me Calm Community members contributed pics of their makes for our first instalment and were happy to do the same for the second and the third!

I put out a call on the Facebook group and some of our fabulous Community Members have generously shared their pictures for this instalment of 'You Inspire Me' blog. 

I hope you enjoy seeing their amazing work and these beautiful creations inspire you as much as they inspire me!



Fiddlesticks Superb 8 is a wonderful 100% anti pilling acrylic yarn in gorgeous colours.  It is perfect for creations that call for 8 ply or DK yarns and whilst it is beautifully soft it holds shape and definition well.

It is super soft and and silky and all at a great price!



Fibre: 100% Anti Pilling Acrylic   

Size: 100 grams, 250 meters

Weight: DK / 8 ply

Recommended Needles/Hook: Needles: 3.5 - 4 mm

Care instructions: Warm machine wash / Do not bleach / Dry flat / Do not iron / May be dry cleaned

Squishy Rating: 3 - Fluffy Chickens



Superb 88 is a self striping acrylic yarn in stunning colour ways and with the added bonus of being soft, anti-pilling acrylic.


Fibre: 100% Anti Pilling Acrylic

Size: 100 grams, 250 meters

Weight: DK, 8 ply

Recommended Needles/Hook: Needles: 4 mm

Care instructions: Warm machine wash / Do not bleach / Do not tumble dry / Dry flat / Do not iron / May be dry cleaned

Squishy Rating: 3 - Fluffy Chickens

Superb 8 and Superb 88 work beautifully together!



These beauties were made by me in Superb 88, I love how the self striping yarn makes each one unique.  They are Winterbloom by Mel Harrison Design



This is one of my favourites!  Terri created her Fruit Garden CAL by Janie Crow with beautiful Superb 8 (& some Peppin 8 for squishyness).  



Cate's Crazi Cardi is amazing isn't it!  Pattern by @lovetocrochet_creative on Instagram. Made in Superb 8.



Renea is making this gorgeous baby blanket out of Superb 8.

What's not to love about Liane's Picnic on the beach blanket by Coastal Crochet. Liane purchased the Superb 8 yarn kit a while back. This stunning blanket is being used by her gorgeous granddaughter to play picnics 🥰 


 Indira created this super fun C2C of a friends dog in Superb 8.



Janet's Star Wars themed BB8 is sensational in Superb 8!



Peta has 'whipped up' a new beanie for her partner in super yummy Superb Tweed.



Glenda's Charlottes Sunshine Baby Blanket by Dedri Uys in Superb 8 is just beautiful isn't it!



Le-Anne's husband bought her a vintage knitting book so she thought she would give one of the patterns a go with some lovely Superb 4.



Elizabeth is using Superb 8 here making up the stunning new pattern from Buttonnose Crochet, Unconditional Love.



Debbie's amazing 

‘Favourite Cable Hoodie’ by Mon Pettit Violen in Superb 8 is gorgeous! 


There is something just beautifully classic about Debbies Easy Beginner Cable Blanket by Sirins Crochet in Superb 8.


Indira's Willow Square Blanket is divine in Superb 8 isn't it!


These amazing amigurumi were all made by Indira in Superb 8.  They have brilliant stitch definition that you usually don't see in 100% acrylic yarn.

Gnomes by KNUFL

Happypotamus by Heidi Bears

Ragdoll bunny by A la Sascha

Reindeer Ralf by Stip & Haak


 The beautiful Simone shared this with us in Yarn Me Calm Community…..

"I used Superb 8 to repair Agnes - the 83 year old blanket that the recipient never received as her mother passed away before it was finished
This blanket was the most beautiful blanket I ever had the honour of working on
The pic is Laureen, the beautiful recipient, with Agnes".

Simone used Superb 8 to make this gorgeous hobby horse designed by Reneé Therese - Shinygurumi 🐴

Liz created these fabulosities using Superb 8, don't you just want to snuggle them all!

Beth is creating her temperature blanket using Superb 8 in single crochet (double crochet UK terms).

Elizabeths Granny Square Cardigan in Superb 8 looks so cozy and fun I want one too, I wonder if she would make me one  🤔!

Natasha designed this beanie is fluorescent orange for her husband! 

The Journey.

Wrapped up in You.

Carnival of Flowers.

These are all gorgeous designs and makes by Natasha from Buttonnose Crochet made with Superb 8.  

This is my Wrapped Up in You by Buttonnose Crochet in Superb 8, I went for a vintage palette.

Natasha's Temperature Blanket and Temperature Cardigan are both in Superb 8.

Natasha used Superb 8 to create this stained glass version of Mel Harrison Designs Fractal Bloom Bag Hexagon.

And lastly this is my 6 day kid blanket by Betty McKnit in Superb 8.

I hope you enjoyed seeing some of these gorgeous creations using these fabulous yarns and you have been inspired to create your own!


Take care!

Andrea xx

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Wow! What a fantastic array of makes! This series is certainly inspiring, I’ve started my shopping list!


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