Matching Stenli Candy with their Hard Candy siblings.

Matching Stenli Candy with their Hard Candy siblings.

I love Candy and not just the song, the lollies or the name (we love them too but we are talking about the yarn)!

No really, we LOOOOVE Candy by Stenli Yarns in Bulgaria.  It is a super soft and squishy 100% brushed cotton in stunning gradient cake yarns that hold a whopping 900m of yarny goodness!

The only drawback, if you can call it that, was that there was not a matching solid yarn to extend a project without adding another gradient cake.  That is until, the phenomenal humans at Stenli Yarn agreed to wind single colour, Solid Colour Candy Cakes for us here at Yarn Me Calm!  Aren't they just the best!  

We started with just a few colours and have continued to expand the range to match the amazing range of colours available in Stenli Candy yarn cakes.



What I haven't done though, is identify which yummy Stenli Candy Cakes match with their Stenli Solid Candy siblings.  While I was sitting here writing this blog (after taking a whole heap of photos) with the indomitable Kylie, we decided to change the name of Solid Candy to Hard Candy, isn't it just perfect!!!

Before we get to the matching here is a little bit of information about the gorgeous Stenli Candy and Hard Candy:

Fibre: 100% Cotton

Size: 280 grams, 900 meters

Weight: Fingering, 4 ply

Recommended Needles/Hook: 3-4 mm (my preference is a 3.5mm with Candy and Hard Candy)

And of course our Squishy Rating is a 4 - Feathers.  It feels slightly stiffer when you start working with the yarn, as is pretty normal with a cotton.  However as you continue to work the yarn is soften beautifully and is more a 2-3 on the squishy rating scale by the time you finish the project. 

At the time of writing this blog, we didn't have all colours in stock but matched up what we have.  We will do a follow up blog as we add more colours of Candy and Hard Candy to the YMC Warehouse.

Starting with the gorgeous Walnut...



This colour is pale olive green and is a perfect match to the outer colour of 867.



The gorgeous Kylie used 867 to create Mel Harrison Design's Elizabethan Rose.  As you can see, 867 matches perfectly with Walnut and Rose Dust.

Next is Salmon...



This colour really is a gorgeous Salmon/Coral Pink and matches with quite a few of our beautiful Stenli Candy: 776, 833, 834, 864 and 874.




This beauty below is by Sheryl.  She created the beautiful Lalila blanket by Basia Hordynksa using Stenli Candy 776.  I love the colour transitions and this colour was a perfect choice for this gorgeous blanket!  This could be extended using Salmon or Dark Grey, both match beautifully and would give you a larger finished blanket!



Light Brown has a couple of matches...



Matching beautifully with 765 and 873.


Grey has so many different matching options, how do you choose...



And the list...775, 779, 839, 842, 845, 846, 848, 852, 854, 858 and 868!



There are so many options available with the light grey to match and as for the graphite...



Graphite is a fabulous option for extending any of these colours: 776, 779, 798, 799, 858, 845, 848 and 874.



Lindy created this beautiful ‘Six Wishes for a Dragonfly’ Blanket by Sue Stapleton of Auburncraft Crochet in Stenli Candy 858 and Stenli Hard Candy in Dark Grey. It is such a gorgeous pattern that really shines in these beautiful colours.



Rose Dust is one of my faves, I love the way that it blends with so many of the Candy Cakes. 

Rose Dust matches beautifully with:  756, 758, 776, 797, 798, 813, 815, 830, 843, 859, 867, 868 and 869.



The amazing Mel Harrison created her beautiful Nouveau Bloom using Candy 797.  You could easily extend this beautiful blanket using a ball of Rose Dust or Mustard. 




Denim is a beautiful colour that would makes something stunning on its own, or you could extend 811, 812 or 854.  



Some of my favourite Stenli Candy include Mustard.  Pictured below are some of the colours that I love working with including 796 and 797.  Both of these gorgeous gradient cakes have such beautiful tones in them and work up so differently than you would envision seeing them in cake form.  Below is a picture of my Maeve's Garden (pattern by Mel Harrison Design) using 797.


Some of the matching Candy for Mustard are: 758, 779, 778, 790, 796, 797 and 865.







I love both Ecru and White, they are sensational on their own or matched with several Candy Cakes. 



Ecru matches well to 803, 815, 837, 839, 858 and 873.

White matches to a large number of cakes: 810, 812, 813, 842, 845, 846, 850, 851, 852, 853, 854, 859, 862 and 868.

Ecru and white are really versatile and make up beautifully on their own!  I recreated a vintage apron pattern (with some creative license) and Bronwyn made a stunning Lilliana in White.





Our next colour is petrol, I can't express how much I adore this colour, it is such a beautiful colour way, although not as versatile as white or ecru.  It is a real statement colour and always brings a smile to my face!


Petrol matches with 767, 795, 796 and 803.  Any of these cakes matched with Petrol would create an amazing piece that would add a strong pop of colour to any room!


Whilst Black doesn't match many of the Stenli Candy, it is definitely another option to use on its own (although you are definitely better than me if you can create using all black yarn!!!).  It does however match with 842 and 845.


Simone created this beautiful Sislove shawl - pattern by SisHomemade using Candy 845.


Hard Candy in Turquoise matches with a large number of Candy including: 795, 820, 831, 832, 834, 835, 835, 839, 851, 852 and  876. 



Ali Allen designed and created her Candy Coast Bag using Stenli Candy 820.  This could be made in Hard Candy Turquoise and look just as fabulous! 


Taupe is such a beautiful natural colour that would be perfect for all manner of creations.  It also matches beautifully to Candy 759 and 765.





I hope this gave you some ideas on how to match our Stenli Candy and Hard Candy Cakes.

I look forward to seeing some of the makes that come from these gorgeous yarns, don't forget to tag #yarnmecalm on Instagram and @yarnmecalm on Facebook!

Come and join us in Yarn Me Calm Community and share your beautiful makes with us there!

If you have questions, please contact me at


Andrea x

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Heavenly colours, Andrea !
Now: do I have the patience to work with filet cotton ?
Doubt it.


Wow. I’m stunned by the beauty of the Hard Candy. They match the Candy cakes perfectly.

I didn’t realise that the Hard Candy was especially spun for Yarn me Calm.

I can’t for mine. Thank you for stocking this gorgeous yarn 🥰🧶🥰

The Candy is a absolute joy to crochet with. I use a Tulip Etimo Red 3.00mm.


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