Makers & Makes

Yarn Me Calm & Yarn Me Calm Community are extremely pleased to be able to introduce you to some of our community members, they are the most amazingly talented makers.  They each create create stunning items from beautiful yarns and you can commission them to make gorgeous things for you or purchase items that they have already created.

We are extremely pleased to be able to support our YMC Community members and provide links to their stores for you to contact them directly.

Please click on the name and it will take you to their page!


  • Handmade Crochet by Old Hookers Crochet.  We are a very small family group addicted to the art of crochet.  Bringing imagination to life brings us to life.  We are inspired by everyday things, places and people all for the love of crochet.


  • Amy Myers Heirloom Handknits. My name is Amy and after a long lifetime of knitting I have become enamoured with little baby things which are impeccably made and extremely beautiful. That is why I have started this little enterprise. I produce high quality, meticulously finished heirloom knitted items for the special little people in your life. My knits are mostly made from 100% Australian Merino wool and other natural fibres.   My aesthetic could be said to be vintage inspired with lots of old world charm as I love the classic look to keep your little ones warm and toastie.  If you have particular needs or would like a particular colour or pattern, I am more than happy to discuss custom orders and create something special for your little one.


  • Fab's Crocheted Creations. Fabienne's Crocheted Creations is an aspiring creator.  Focusing on selling handmade crocheted items.  These items include: Toys, Blankets, Baby items, Clothing, Accessories.  Other projects can be requested. however requested projects will incur a small fee.


  • Brewtiful Cosies. Our story started years ago when I discovered the beauty in fine bone china vintage teapots and began to build my collection. Around the same time, I discovered the art of crochet and quickly became addicted to creating my own projects, often with several on the go at the same time! This has further developed into a love of making all things, just like my nana used to. I have also developed a love of patchwork and creating many things around the home, such as essential oil mixes, soaps as well as baking.  This page is a celebration of all beautiful teapots and a way to showcase my projects. I am always welcome to new ideas or requests! I do sell my projects and will do some commissions, however due to this being purely a hobby and wanting to get enjoyment out of things that I make (and also working two jobs full time!) the turnaround time for projects is often alot slower than someone who does this full time as a business. If that suits you, then by all means let’s discuss your commission ideas!


    • JLM Creative Studio. I live to create. I create to live.  Nothing gives me a bigger thrill than creating - whether it be clothing, art, or writing stories. When my collection of hand-made items began to overflow their storage boxes, I realised I had to find homes for them. Over the years I've donated items to charity and given many pieces to friends. My goal with this shop is not to recoup a fee for the thousands of hours I spend creating, but to sell what I've made - in many cases at cost - in order to keep funding my creative habit.


    • The Crochet Fix.  I’ve been an avid crochet yarn artist since I was a little girl. Constantly inspired, I have so many ideas that I long to share. I’ve taught crochet to a number of people in a number of locations, over the years, including a pub! I am currently co-ordinating a free, monthly crochet catchup in Unley, SA.  I am also mum to two gorgeous boys and an IT Senior Systems Analyst by day.  For pattern support or feedback you can most quickly get in touch with me via Facebook or Ravelry message.

    • Handmade by Olga T. Knitted accessories for all ages - socks, mittens, scarves, beanies and shawls from high quality luxury yarn. I am located in Melbourne , Australia.



    • Hooked by Maggie Stunning hand made blankets and goodies made with love by the talented Maggie.