Never Ending Blooms Scarf

Never Ending Blooms Scarf


Firstly I need to give a shout out to the amazing Linda for the name!  I popped up a question on Instagram & Facebook asking for some ideas and I love Linda's!  This floral motif scarf is repetitive and mindful so fits the Never Ending Blooms name absolutely perfectly!

I started making the first version of the Never Ending Blooms scarf in August 2020 after we received a shipment of the super scrumptious Cumulus Dappled from Juniper Moon Farms and knew that I needed to have a play with it! 



I started looking around for patterns for one skein and nothing really jumped out at me.  I also knew I wanted to make a scarf with this yarn as it is soooo insanely soft I thought it would be so nice and squishy having it close to skin. 

While trawling through Pinterest I saw a simple floral motif picture but unfortunately there was no link to a pattern or any more information.  I popped the picture into Google image search and still no joy.  I think I probably spent 3-4 hours trying to find the pattern for the motif with no luck!  

So I set about making my own version and while this one is mine, the original idea and pattern wasn't and I want to give a shout out to the person who did the original motif!

I think I might have 'frogged' the first motif at least 10 times before I was happy with how it looked.  Luckily the gorgeous Cumulus Dappled was no worse for wear!



I didn't write this pattern at the time but luckily I often scribble ideas in a book I keep on my desk and I had drawn the idea for the motif there.   So when it came to writing the pattern up I was able to refer to my drawing and the original scarf!

I was thinking for this version of the Never Ending Blooms scarf that I would use a lighter yarn.  The original was made in August however it was December here in Melbourne when I decided to make the second one! 

For my second Never Ending Blooms Scarf I used Katia Concept Boheme (#55).  It is a Cotton/Hemp blend and lovely and soft but light enough for a summer scarf.



What you'll need:

For the first version:

  • 1 Skein of Cumulus Dappled by Juniper Moon Farm in Palm Springs Colourway. 
  • 5mm Crochet Hook
  • Stitch Marker
  • Scissors
  • Wool needle for weaving in ends



For the second version:


You can of course use any yarn you like being mindful that changing the yarn and hook size will impact on the size of the motifs and your scarf.


UK terms used throughout.


Stitches Used:

sk - skip stitch

ss - slip stitch

tr - treble crochet

ch - chain

st - stitch


Motif One: 



  • ch 7, join with a ss to form a ring.


Row 2: 

  • ch 3 (counts as 1 tr) , tr 13 into the ring
  • ch 4 (counts as tr 1 & ch 1), turn


Row 3:

  • tr 1, ch 1.  Repeat 12 times.
  • tr 1 in top of ch3 from row 2
  • ch 3, turn


Row 4:

  • sk the ch 1 space, tr 1 (into the top of the of the next stitch), ch 3.



  • tr 6 around the tr you just created (see pictures)




  • sk ch1 space & 1 st.
  • ss into the next ch1 spc


  • repeat 4 times, you should have 5 'petals'. 
  • ch 7, sk the next 2 ch spaces and 2 st, ss to the top of ch3 of row 2
  • ch 3 turn




Additional motifs:

Row 1:

  • tr 13 in ch 7 space
  • ch 4 turn


Row 2:

  • tr 1, ch1 in the next st 12 times, tr 1 in the top of ch3 from previous row
  • ch 3 turn


Row 3:

  • sk the ch 1 space, tr 1 (into the top of the of the next stitch), ch 3.
  • tr 6 around the tr you just created
  • sk ch1 space & 1 st.
  • ss into the next ch1 spc
  • repeat 4 times, you should have 5 'petals'. 
  • ch 7, sk the next 2 ch spaces and 2 st, ss to the top of ch3 of row 2
  • ch 3 turn


Repeat additional motif instructions until you reach a length that you are happy with.

The Cumulus Dappled made 23 motifs and the Katia Boheme made 30 motifs.

On the last motif of your Never Ending Blooms Scarf end with a ch 5 instead of ch 7 and fasten off.

Weave in the ends and you are all done! 



I am super happy with both versions in the different yarns.  They both turned out beautifully and now I have different versions for different seasons!



You are welcome to share the pattern, however please acknowledge that the design belongs to Yarn Me Calm respecting my rights as a designer, thank you!

If you have questions about this pattern, please contact me at


I hope you enjoy the pattern!

Andrea x

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Loved making this. Beautiful soft pattern. Will make another one & try joining the previous bloom at end if row 2 and at chain 7 & include in the slip stitch


Thanks for sharing..but really not that good in written pattern, looking forward for your tutorial in YouTube.

Leng Ho Sau Leng

Thank you for the lovely pattern. Have already commenced crocheting the scarf but have a query about whether the motifs are actually joined or just overlapped. I understand one edge will show as the right side and the other edge the wrong side.

Heartfelt thanks for quick delivery of the cotton from your store.

Barb Hulse

I am so impressed with you and this pattern. It is easy yet looks so complicated all at the same time. Thank you for sharing.


Love the look. Can’t wait to go to get some yarn.
Thank you so much. Laura

Laura Cahall

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