Ruffle my Scissors

Ruffle my Scissors


I have been extremely lucky to be able to travel extensively with my wonderful husband, we have the most amazing adventures and experiences whenever we go away!  However I do love a bit of shopping and I often buy goodies from our travels to have lovely reminders when we are back home, much to my husbands ongoing silent (and sometimes not so silent) objections!!!.  

This crochet pattern was inspired by a similar item I purchased in 2012 in Arles, Southern France.  We had been wandering around and I spotted the cutest little haberdashery!  

Being me I made a beeline to have a look at what treasures they had (my fabulous, long suffering husband waiting patiently outside).  I spotted this gorgeous little crocheted carnation scissor and thimble holder and decided it needed to come home with me!



It has been a few years since it travelled back to Australia with us and it is starting to look a little bit tired (it has been well used and well loved) so I think it is time for it to be retired.  

I have always thought what a brilliant idea it was and particularly for really sharp little embroidery scissors it helps identify where they are before you get stabbed by them!  

I thought it shouldn't be too hard to recreate it so here is my version of this fabulous little treasure from Southern France.  


What you'll need:
  • Yarn, preferably in two different colours (I used a combination of Scheepjes Catona & Katia Bombay).
  • Yarn/wool needle
  • Stitch markers
  • Scissors
  • Crochet hook (size to correspond to the yarn you are using - I used my new flash, whizz bang Furls Odyssey hook).
  • Thimble (if you want to use it in the finished base of Ruffle my Scissors).
  • Ribbon (approximately 1 metre)



Stitches Used:
  • double crochet
  • half treble crochet
  • treble crochet
  • slip stitch
  • chain

    UK terms used throughout.



    1. With your first colour, create a magic ring.  Leave a long starting tail - approximately 100 cm. 
    Chain 1, 6 double crochet into the ring & join with a slip stitch to the starting double crochet (not the first chain).


    2. 2 double crochet into each stitch - place stitch marker in first stitch of the round.

    Do not join at the end - you will start crocheting in the round.

    3. double crochet into each stitch

    4. double crochet into each stitch

    5. double crochet into each stitch

    6. double crochet into each stitch

    7. double crochet into each stitch

    8. double crochet into each stitch

    9. double crochet into each stitch

    10. double crochet into each stitch



    At this stage insert your hook through the magic circle and pull through the 100cm tail that you began with.




    Join second yarn here.


    11. 3 half treble crochet into each stitch



    12. 3 treble crochet into each stitch




    13. 3 double treble crochet into each stitch




    14. 3 treble crochet into the next stitch,

    2 half treble crochet into the next stitch,

    1 double crochet into the next stitch, 

    place stitch marker into the top of the double crochet, 

    chain 3 and double crochet into the same stitch.


    15. Double crochet into the next stitch, chain 3,

    double crochet into the same stitch.  

    Continue until you reach the stitch marker.  

    Fasten off and weave in the end.



    16. Return to the long tail that you have from the beginning magic circle.  

    Place a loop on your hook from the end of the tail (not the end closest to the flower).  

    Complete chains until you run out of tail (I got 46 in mine but it depends on tension) - make sure your last chain is tight against the base of the flower.  



    Pull the end of the tail through the last chain.  



    Turn the base of the flower inside out and pull the end of the chain through the inside of the base.  Tie the end of the tail to the inside of the base of the flower and weave in the end.




    17. Thread the ribbon on to your needle and weave it through the last row of colour one (see picture) leaving the tails of the ribbon on the external of your flower.  




    Pop your thimble and/or stitch markers into the flower base (big thank you to Robyn Tingey, it was her idea to use the base for stitch markers xx).




    Once done, pull tight and tie your ribbon into a bow.  

    Pulling tight stops your goodies from falling out and brings the ruffles together nicely!

    Attach your scissors with the chain tail loop you created & your Ruffle my Scissors is all finished!



    Your Ruffle my Scissors goes well with the Pop and Pin cushion too!


    You are welcome to share the pattern, however please acknowledge that the design belongs to Yarn Me Calm respecting my rights as a designer, thank you!


    If you have questions about this pattern, please contact me at


    I hope you enjoy the pattern!

    Andrea x


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