Collection: Moseley Park

From Jane at Moseley Park: 

My name is Jane and I live with my husband, Ian, on Eyre Peninsula in South Australia, where we have a farm and grow wheat and sheep.  
My interest in wool started as a child when I learnt to knit
at 8yrs old. 

When I moved to Kimba, I helped out in the shearing shed and just loved the sheep.

I learnt to spin and was always knitting, but eventually children came along and life became too hectic for spinning and knitting!

The spinning wheel left the lounge room, and I just knitted for the children.

When the children got older, I was still knitting, but now it cost an arm and a leg to buy the yarn.

I decided that It was time to oil up my spinning wheel and spin my own yarn again. We still had plenty of sheep!

When the children left home, I found I could spend much more time with my fibre and yarn dyeing.

There is an endless varieties of colours to play with and create wonderful colourways.

I never fail to be fascinated with wool and fibre, and the endless variety available.

I just love the wonderful creative people it brings into my life.

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