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Amigurumi Flower Babies

Amigurumi Flower Babies

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12 mini dolls to crochet by Bas den Braver


Crochet a rainbow of cute and colourful flower babies using this simple beginner's guide.

Create a rainbow of cute and colourful crocheted flower babies using this simple beginner's guide.

Choose from 12 different flowers including Sam Sunflower, Hugo Hydrangea, Adam Allium and Diane Daffodil, all with flamboyant petals and friendly faces. All the flower babies use the same simple body pattern to which the characterful, colourful petals and leaves are added. All the techniques and stitches used are clearly illustrated, and the book also contains a handy guide to pattern reading.

Use your flower babies as keyrings, brooches, necklaces or just as fun toys for playtime!

Table of Contents

What you will need 7, Stitches and techniques 8, How to read the patterns 15, Useful tips 17, Basic pattern 18, Uses 21

Sam Sunflower 22, Tommy Tulip 25, Robyn Rose 28, Hugo Hydrangea 32, Carol Carnation 35, Diane Daffodil 38, Carl Clover 42, Gemma Gerbera 45, Adam Allium 48, Pablo Poppy 51, Daphne Dahlia 57, Sarah Snowdrop 60


About Bas den Braver

Bas den Braver's colourful crochet world is inspired by nature, plants and flowers. To balance his urban city life in Rotterdam he has painted the walls of his apartment green and surrounds himself with lots of house plants. Here his designs come to life. He has published several books of his colourful characters.

For patterns, kits, books and more, visit his website and follow him on Instagram @zabbez

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