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Mindfulness in Knitting

Mindfulness in Knitting

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Meditations on Craft & Creativity
Rachael Matthews


Anyone can pick up a pair of needles and a ball of yarn. And everyone can be mindful. The Mindfulness in Knitting casts fresh light on this renowned calming craft, and reveals how the act of "knit and purl" can be the epitome of conscious living.

Rachael Matthews unpicks the threads of this popular pastime to explore how knitting connects us to each other and to the world around us. Through personal anecdote and expert insight, she unravels the true value of what it means to craft, its therapeutic benefits, and the joys of mindful making. The book is divided into chapters which will teach you:

  • To find our place through yarn
  • To knit sacred spaces
  • To build knitting circles and connecting with others through craftivism,
  • The art of gifting our creations
  • How knitting helps us discover ourselves


Filled with practical examples, personal insights and creative exercises for you to try at home, this book is suited for knitters of any ability, and will help you whether you want to relieve stress, build self-awareness or improve your mental health through the creative act of knitting.

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