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Ok To Wash It

Ok To Wash It

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A permanent fabric bond. Non-toxic and dries clear and flexible. Will not stain most fabrics (a test patch is recommended).

Glues almost any fabric and will withstand repeated washings.

Positively Crochet Blog Spot's (Mary Jane Hall's) Crochet Tip using OK To Wash It to Weave in your yarn ends.


"Using OK To Wash It fabric glue is great for securing loose ends. How many times have you had your ends come loose, changing the look of your finished garments? This glue is especially helpful when you are using slippery cord or yarn that splits easily. Just pull the loose end and put a tiny drop on the yarn with your fingers, placing glue on the part that will be hidden "inside" the stitches. Let go of the loose end, and it will pull itself back into the stitch where it will not show. Try not to get too much glue on the yarn, so it will not seep through"
Comes in two different size bottles!
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