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Plastic Bag Handle - Black

Plastic Bag Handle - Black

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Bag handles finish off perfectly a handmade bag. They are the perfect way to give new life to an old bag. Pick the handles that best match the style and size of your bag. Let your creativity run free: a metal handle for a vintage purse, wooden handles for a sturdy canvas tote bag, beaded handles for a knitted or crocheted bag, bamboo ones to give a natural look or smooth plastic ones to add a chic touch. Bag handles are always supplied per set of two.

These lovely bag handles by Opry add a stylish touch to handmade bags, whether it’s knotted, crocheted, knitted or sewn. The handles have a half-round shape with a slightly round bottom section. They are easy to sew to the bag via the slits in the ends. The handles are made from sturdy plastic and are 18.5cm wide.

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