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Prym Love Press Fastener

Prym Love Press Fastener

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With these versatile Prym Love vario pliers attaching non-sew press fasteners, eyelets, jeans buttons and trouser hooks will be a piece of cake. In addition, the pliers effortlessly punch holes of 3 and 4mm in diameter in textile fabrics or leather. Thanks to the coloured rubber handles, the pliers lie comfortably in the hand. The vario pliers are brilliant because they allow the press fasteners to be attached very precisely without needing a hammer. Punching dies are included - other required dies and punches are supplied with the specific buttons and eyelets. This Prym Love vario pliers are suitable for almost all press fasteners; the packaging also contains a set of moulds for attaching plastic (Prym Color Snaps) press fasteners. Clear instructions can be found inside the packaging. The pliers are made from stainless steel and are circa 19.5cm long. The pliers are made of stainless steel and are approximately 19.5cm long. 

Use as a hole punch: place the two punch dies (one hollow, the other convex) on the pliers, mark the position on the fabric and cut out with the pliers a neat round hole. With the included tools, the punches are easily removed and the pliers can also be securely locked in place.

Use as press fastener pliers: place the necessary dies on the pliers, place the top of, for example, a jersey press fastener in one mould and the corresponding part in the other mould. Mark the position of the fastener on the fabric and attach the closure by squeezing the pliers.

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