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Colour Moves

Colour Moves

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By Claudia Fiocchetti

Edited by Kate Davies

In the first book to be published under KDD's new Make // Mark* imprint, British-Italian designer, Claudia Fiocchetti presents a collection of bold and appealing accessory designs.

From the 17 patterns included here, you might choose to knit a pair of elegant gloves; a long circular snood; a tam with a kaleidoscopic crown; or one of 5 different matching sets for head and hands.

Drawing inspiration from everything from Italian architectural façades to the snow-capped mountains of Abruzzo; from antique mosaics and carpets to the found motifs of the natural world; each pattern reveals Claudia’s particularly attentive, creative and emotive approach to colourful design.

*Make // Mark is an initiative designed specifically to support and promote the work of first-time authors and designers. Through the scheme, the KDD team share our skills and mentor new talent in an industry which (like other areas of publishing) isn't yet as inclusive or enabling as it should be. Make // Mark authors and designers learn about the full process of independent book and pattern publishing, and are paid generously for their work, retaining all design and literary rights. Any profits KDD makes from book sales are redirected into developing the scheme and taking it forward, helping us to support and promote the work of other new authors and designers.

Claudia is an Italian/British wall-painting and stone conservator whose love of art and colour, the natural world and architectural design, has inspired a truly beautiful collection of accessories.

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