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Seasonal Slow Knitting

Seasonal Slow Knitting

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Thoughtful Projects for a Handmade Year
Hannah Thiessen


Slow knitting is a more mindful process based on five basic tenets: source carefully, make thoughtfully, think seasonally, experiment fearlessly and explore openly. Now, this seasonal approach encourages knitters to delve deeper into those concepts, applying them to everyday making through a series of essays, projects and patterns that explore the life of a knitter throughout the year.

Organized similarly to a seasonal planting guide or farmer's almanac, each chapter and section is designed to identify and encourage small ways that knitters may begin to employ noticeable change: organizing your yarn stash, carving out time for knitting and starting on that baby blanket in a timely manner.

The ideas explored here add up to a fuller, more mindful year, all through the joyful experience that is knitting.

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