Collection: African Expressions

African Expressions was born from the desire for Africa to share her natural beauty with the rest of the world.

Through the unique range of yarns they express the essence of that which makes Africa magical.

Their network of local farmers breed stock bearing excellent fibres to ensure the yarns are naturally soft to the touch, easy to knit and luxuriously versatile.

From farm to store, each and every process is handled with the utmost of care to ensure that the fibres are treated delicately and with the respect that they deserve.

Each colour represents one small element that makes Africa, Africa. H
eart and soul is knitted firmly into Africa and would like to invite you to join us in this “African Expressions” Experience.

SAMIL Natural Fibres is the proud manufacturer of all of African Expressions yarns. Through its involvement in all aspects of the industry, SAMIL’s aim is to provide a sustainable, affordable, superior quality product to the world, showcasing not only the product but also the industry, country of origin and individuals participating in the production of the fibre.


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