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The Yarn Valet Yarn Dispenser

The Yarn Valet Yarn Dispenser

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The Yarn Valet Yarn Dispenser is designed to hold your yarn and twirl to release the perfect tension as you knit or crochet. It keeps your yarn clean and tangle-free.

Designed for outside pull, it will hold most size skeins and cakes. Just place a yarn on the dispenser and as you knit or crochet the yarn will twirl and release just the right amount of yarn.

The rubberised bottom will keep the dispenser from slipping on smooth surfaces.

There is also a 4 inch/cm ruler on the base for checking your gauge.

Holes for storing stitch markers are on located on the side of the dispenser.

Measures approximately: 8" tall x 5.125" wide x 6.25" deep

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